Mother’s Day

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here but I’ve had a lot going on and thought Mother’s Day was the perfect occasion to jump back in.

Mother’s Day can bring on mixed emotions. Excitement for those expecting for the first time, a day (or hour) of rest for those of us lucky enough to have someone around to take a load off and too often heartache for those who’s baby hasn’t found them yet.

Today I woke up feeling grateful for B. Grateful for a husband who very well could have not made it to this day. As the day progresses other feelings start to sneak in. Sadness for the babies we’ve lost and wondering what life would be like if things were different. I am a mama to 5 in my heart, a mama to 1 to the outside world. The guilt of grieving when I should focus on being blessed to have B. The constant wondering, why did my body fail me and fail these babies. Asking myself if my baby will ever come. The hard truth is, sometimes you don’t get the answers you need. Sometimes what you have is enough and eventually it will all make sense.

So on this Mother’s Day, I hug all of my fellow Mama’s out there. Whether you have one or five. Trying for your first or third. Searching for answers and shedding tears. Let go of the guilt. You are amazing! I’m with you, you are not alone.

I vow to write more, and be more upbeat. But today I get to feel.

xx Kristin


All Aboard!

After seeing B’s Thomas tee last week, my friend told me about “Day Out with Thomas!” and we were able to get in on the last day of the year! Now before you stop reading thinking “why am I going to get excited about Thomas if I’m never going to be able to go”… Thomas and Percy are a traveling show and will be back next year! And if you’re not in LA, check it out at other locations in the US! Read on!!CE825990-2F9B-4EE7-A382-7BEC2DA4F53A

Let’s start with the basics- we caught T&P at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, California (it’s south for those of you who, like me, had zero idea this place existed). I linked their site HERE! so you can keep up with what’s new and when T&P will make their comeback!


Admission was $31/adult, kids 2 and under are free. We purchased the combo ticket which got you a ride on both Thomas and Percy. Obvi you can’t ride one without the other! Tickets are timed.


WGW tip: book the earliest time slot (especially for Thomas) so you can beat the crowds and the lines to take a family photo in front of the engines. The staff will take a photo for you (prints way overpriced) but you can also take your own photos so don’t be shy!


Unlike most places in LA, once you have paid admission to get in, most activities are included. They have a petting zoo (extra $2 if you want to buy food for the animals), Thomas tattoos, bounce houses and a miniature train exhibit. There are food carts on site and plenty of picnic seating available for lunch. Some are cash only!


If you have a Thomas enthusiast, this is a must see! On Sunday it took us 1.5 hours each way and was worth every minute. If Thomas is not your thing but your tot loves trains, in December there is a Train to Santa’s Workshop!


xx Kristin



Mr. Bones 2017

Ok so here’s the breakdown of Mr. Bones this year. There are two locations:

10100 Jefferson Blvd Culver City

Link HERE!

Admission $15/adult

Hours 9a-8/9p depending on the day

*check in advance because of the heat!

There is a new location at The Platform in Culver City, the Boo-tique

Link HERE!

Admission $10/adult

Hours 1-6p during the week, 10-6 weekends

We visited the Platform on Sunday and loved it! It’s smaller than the other location BUT there is more shade, a parking structure AND they serve alcohol!


B found tons of fun things to get into.. there was a petting zoo ($5 extra but so worth it) with a pig, sheep, goat, alpaca, pony, ducks and bunnies. Bring your sanitizer, you’re going to need it😝


If you can’t tell yet by my instagram, we love a good pumpkin house and this patch had it! There was also a huge teepee and a spider bounce house (which required a $10 wristband, don’t you love how this turns into a $50 morning!)


Ok.. now to the hay maze.. if you saw my instastories this thing was part horror part cool. C and I were terrified when B ran in and we immediately realized we had no idea who or what was inside and that we couldn’t see a goddamn thing. 10 minutes later B’s head popped out of the other end huge grinned before quickly disappearing again. Beware: you will be digging hay out of places for hours and the dust boogers the next day are insane. You’re welcome!


All in all I am a sucker for a pumpkin patch and Mr. Bones never disappoints. I’m already looking forward to next year!


xx Kristin


Underwood Family Farm

It’s my favorite month! Unfortunately with my Paris trip I am just now getting into the spirit halfway through October (and I’ll probably claim December is my favorite too, it’s a tie…). We ventured north today to Underwood Family Farm in Moorpark and this place is a MUST!


Most important- get there early! They open at 9 and you can buy tickets online HERE! to skip the line. Early entry means shorter lines, less crowds and cooler temps but not for long! Weekend admission in October is $20 (kids under 2 get in free!)

You can buy tickets for activities at several stands located throughout the farm. If you’re going with a toddler I suggest starting small.. we left with 10 tickets to spare, guess we will be going back!


We went straight for the pony rides which B LOVED! (5 tickets) Then he ran straight for the pumpkin house which was a huge hit.


I should preface this post by saying I’ve had the Halloween books out for a week at home and have trained him to say “pumpkin” with a level of excitement that mirrors my own. We were making our way toward the pumpkin patch when we saw the Cow Train and jumped in line. There is a Cow Train and a Bee Train (4 tickets). Bee Train has more cars so line moves faster, Cow Train in my opinion is cooler.. who wants to ride a bee at a farm? Just sayin.


There are so many places to see, feed and pet animals throughout the grounds. We bought carrots (1 ticket) to feed the goats and went into the petting zoo (4 tickets) so B could brush and pet goats, sheep and bunnies.

For smaller tots there is a kiddie corner with a small park and enclosed area for running around. This was also the one place I could find a changing table!

There are also several shaded seating areas with tables to eat and rest, one has misters and makes it feel 19 degrees cooler which is much needed in this heat!


There was so much we didn’t experience: the bounce house, corn maze, games and riding tractors that B was still too young for which means we will have to go back again next year (or next weekend💁🏼)!

xx Kristin

Choo Choooo

We loaded up the gang and headed to Griffith Park yesterday to the Travel Town Museum. If any of you have Thomas the Train lovers this is the place for you! B is glued to the seat between episodes when Mr. Perkins comes on and shouts “Peeekins!!”


First of all, it’s free! Which is hard to find these days in LA. And while it may be a trek from our neighborhood, if he has a meltdown while we are there no money is lost. B spent most of his time running up and down the pathways between the trains screaming “Hi!” to other visitors between “choo chooooos”. He seemed a little young to appreciate anything other than the fact that there were trains around with really big wheels but given the vast amount of birthday parties scattered on the grounds I think it will be a huge hit later.


The real winner was the train ride which goes around the museum. For $2.75 (under 18 months is free) you get two loops around. Aside from squeezing your adult ass onto the train, the hardest part is  dragging your toddler off while they scream “moooooore choo choooooooo”!

Learn more about the Travel Town Museum HERE!


And since my parents are here (and are my blog’s biggest fans) I’ve included a photo of us from Travel Town as their introduction to the blog world. We’re headed to San Francisco tomorrow (sans B) so stay tuned! Happy Sunday!


xx Kristin

Repetition leads to what exactly?

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA since B’s big 18 month birthday but it seems we may have entered terrible two territory and I’m not sure I’m prepared for my sweet boy’s determined feelings about EVERYTHING.


I try to identify his feelings, he’s obviously frustrated when he balls his adorable chubby fingers into tight fists and screams at the top of his lungs doing his best ‘Anger from Inside Out’ impression (if you don’t know what that is, google it).

And don’t even get me started on the “experts” who say not to use the word no. Giving alternatives at this age is just not something B can handle. He points to something and says “this” then 7 seconds later points the other direction and shouts “this!” before I can even look for the first “this”.


And ‘nanas’… is there a limit to how many bananas a toddler should eat in a day? Because he starts shouting NANA before his milk these days and tonight it went right up to the bathtub. Some days its just NANA, others it entails a full back arch scream situation.

What is it they say? Repetition leads to clarity? Or was it insanity? Because I’m not sure B hears anything I’m saying on repeat as he swipes at my face with his claws or tries to run into the street chasing cars. I’m definitely voting insanity!

I’ve decided I need to buy a bus. Because at the end of the day, anything that can elicit the response in the photos below is worth my hard earned money, right??



HEEEEELP! How do you handle your tantrum toddler? What age does it end? I try to remind myself that this too shall pass… right??



xx Kristin

18 months

Our sweet B is 18 months old tomorrow and I have so many feelings about it. Mostly I am feeling happy which is a word B learned today from Daniel Tiger and is now on my “favorite” list. He says it with a cheesy grin and it sounds like “HaPeeeee”❤️


Some days I feel like I was just in that hospital bed, agonizing over getting that sweet boy into this world. Other days I can’t remember life before him and it seems as though 18 years has passed.


Today he blew out his 18 month candle (his blow out candle face in the featured image hurts my heart!) and shared the first bite of icing with me (below)💔


As I look back to 18 months ago, I feel nostalgic about my pregnancy and wonder what it would be like to do it all over again. Then I look at B and think “how could I ever share my love for him with someone else?” OR “how would I have time for a baby while chasing this mad man around?”


To my Mamas out there… are you feeling the same? Or am I the only one with so many emotions about my babe getting older and thinking about baby number 2??


xx Kristin