We loaded up for B’s first beach day and headed to the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica! We spent over an hour packing a bag of towels, a beach tent, a bag for us, a bag for B and a bucket full of sand tools into the car. Not to mention the amount of time spent on applying sunscreen. Ahhh first time parents!


Hacks to make your life easier:

Get there early! On weekends parking fills up around 9:30am.

You can reserve parking here!

Pack snacks but grabbing lunch is easy at the Back on the Beach Cafe. We got burgers to go and ate on our towel, kids menu available! **if you want a table beware the wait was over 2 hours!

We carved out a spot near the actual beach house so we didn’t have to lug our loot down to the ocean and back. There is a swingset and restrooms (with changing tables!) nearby which made it extra easy.


I would highly recommend this spot for families looking for a beach day, less crowded and chaotic than some beaches nearby and much cleaner. B was a fan, you know where to find me this summer!

xx Kristin

More info on all things Annenberg Beach House HERE!

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