Today we ventured south to Long Beach to the Aquarium of the Pacific. We became members last August and just finally made it back! What a difference almost a year has made, B was so excited to see the fish (blub blub blub was on repeat thank you Pout Pout Fish).

You can get a Dual Membership HERE! if you have a child under 3 they get in free!


Both times we have been we have stayed roughly 3 hours with a trip to Cafe Scuba for a beer break! I am a huge fan of any child centric place with alcohol (no judgement!). Helpful hint: the restrooms outside of Cafe Scuba are a zoo house, take your tot to the first level where there are no lines and changing tables galore.


Don’t miss the Southern California Baja Gallery, its the largest tank at the end of the hall when you arrive, the Sea Bass is intense! The Sea Lions were another favorite of B, the tunnel gets crowded so be patient until you can get your cub up to the glass. Once you’re outside the petting pools with Rays and Sharks is the best! Fair warning, depending on the age of your babe this can be a challenge. B tried to hop in feet first eek!


Take the stroller, there are several places for stroller parking inside and out!


Here is where I will fail you, PARKING! We have yet to nail this… the first time we parked in the structure next to the aquarium which was great because we got there early but the elevators took forever both trips. Today, because of toddler nap schedules, we arrived around 2pm and the parking structures were bumper to bumper upon entry. We ended up several blocks away which was more easily accessible but still not perfect. Third times the charm?!

xx Kristin



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