Today was my dream day.. we started off with a morning trip to the Annenberg Beach House! Even though we arrived around 9:30 the lot was already full. Back up plan for those perpetually late friends is to park in lot 8 or 9 south of the Annenberg ($8 all day! and it is a quick walk along the bike path.


B got in a solid play at the splash pad before heading into the ocean. While some kids may not like being pelted by streams of water, my monster could not have been more excited!


After a 2.5 nap (still in our sandals, thank you Dada), we headed to Baby Blues BBQ in West Hollywood for some pulled pork, sweet potato mash and mac n cheese! Baby Blues is our favorite BBQ place in town. Nicest owner, great beer selection and the banana pudding rocks my world!

Take a look at the menu HERE!


We ended our day with a stroll through The Grove. Full transparency, before I had a child The Grove was my nemesis. I avoided it like the plague. But since B arrived I can’t seem to stay away. Maybe it started with the changing and nursing areas below the parking structure? That’s right new Mamas.. if you didn’t know it was there, you can thank me later! My love affair continues to grow with the outdoor concerts on the grassy pad and my addiction to Fancy Nancy milkshakes (McConnell’s Ice Cream at the Farmers Market, again you’re welcome).

For a list of everything happening at the Grove, click here!


Happy 4th!

xx Kristin

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