At this point I’ve learned what I can and cannot live without. Long gone are the days of the oversized diaper bag and useless wish lists of my baby registry (pee pee tee pee I’m looking at you!). In my pre-mama days this game would be called “what would you need on a desert island?”, today it’s called “what would I need to survive a day with B?”


Here goes (Amazon links below because what Mama shops anywhere else):

6. Boogie Wipes- I know they say it’s saline but I swear it’s something much more magical. It wipes away all the snot or crustys without the Rudolph red nose!

Buy Boogie Wipes HERE!

5. Night Time Diapers- we love Huggies Overnights, something about them just work best for boys. If you’re still using pampers swaddlers at night this will be a game changer!

Get your Huggies HERE!

4. Sudocrem- this was recommended to me by one of my Aussie Mum friends and it is seriously the best!

Find it HERE! – FYI currently sold out on Amazon

3. Happy Baby Puffs- B calls them “cackers” and can sniff them out from a mile away. I’ve been known to pick up (and open) them on Target runs to keep him occupied. So many times these have saved me.. tantrum? Cacker!

Variety Pack HERE!

2. The Lovey- ours is by Moulin Roty, I picked him up in Paris on a work trip and I’m pretty sure B loves him more than me.

Similar Moulin Roty Lovey HERE!

1. Corn Starch- yup, The kind you get at the supermarket! My Mom recommended it for diaper rash very early on when I swear I thought B’s tush would never recover. Sprinkle this into your babe’s diaper before bed or if he/she is rashy and it will clear up in no time!


xx Kristin


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