I’m taking it back a bit BUT this was honestly one of my favorite trips with B to date. The Zimmer Museum offers Art Crawls to the public twice each month, click HERE! to find this months schedule and reserve your spot.


We chose to organize our own private Art Crawl with a group of babes from our Mommy and Me class (we started at the Pump Station if anyone is looking into Mommy and Me classes). Contact andres@zimmermuseum.org to schedule your Private Art Crawl, depending on how many baby friends you have it can actually be less expensive and who doesn’t want to spend time with your buds?


B skipped his morning nap that day so I was a bit concerned about how he would react being locked in a room in a diaper with paint but he LOVED it. He was one of the first ones in and the last one out, although he did lay down in the middle of the room for about 30 seconds for a power nap!


Before you freak out, paint is non toxic and the museum offers tubs and wipes to rinse off your babe before you put them back in the car!

Tip for you: Wear something that you don’t mind getting messy, there is NO way to avoid the paint once your babe gets going!


The Zimmer Museum also offers a ball pit, water table and so much more for your toddler. On days when it’s too hot or rainy (I know I know, we live in LA but you’ll thank me in February) this is a great place to spend your day!

You can find full Zimmer calendar and admission info HERE!

What is your favorite thing to do with you tot when the temps go up??

xx Kristin

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