As some of you know, I travel to Paris several times a year for work. This trip is one of my shortest ever, I arrived today and fly back on Wednesday, but I couldn’t resist visiting a few of many favorite places to shop for B while sales are in full swing! If you’re in Paris in July or December you will have died and gone to baby steal heaven (or cringe when you see things on sale that you paid full price for in May🤷🏼‍♀️)! Here a few of my musts:

Monoprix- this is basically what I’ve come to call the Target of Paris. I visit for Parisian beauty products, Haribo (it’s better in France!) and of course their kids line bout’chou which I’ve been told is created by the same people behind Bonpoint. What I love best is that the tees and hats often have a “B” on them which works perfectly for my little B man! The best location I’ve found is near the Opera House, 21 Avenue de L’Opera!


Galleries Lafayette- ok their kids department is INSANE! Because of how crazy it looked in sale mode I didn’t want to scare you with photos today so you’ll just have to trust me. One of my favorite brands for B is Cadet Rousselle for tees. I scored several today for under $5! They also have a toy department which is great for French toys or versions of the toy you have at home that speak French instead of English if you’re looking for something new to listen to🤣


Brentano’s- this little gem is my favorite book store tucked in near the Opera. They have loads of children’s books, some in French and several in English and French that I hope one day will teach B the basics of the language! It’s also great for gift giving ideas for the grown ups in your life. 37 Avenue de L’Opera.


Pierre Herme- ok, this one is entirely not kid related but I have to talk about it because everyone comes to France for macaroons and immediately rushes to Laduree. First of all, Laduree is now popping up in the US in New York and LA, I am a huge fan of only buying things you can’t get in the states while traveling internationally. Secondly, their macaroons are so so much better! Plus, Chance claims that their chocolate is the BEST chocolate he has ever had (and he’s done the research!) and there is one directly next door to Brentano’s!



Find more product details on insta @we_go_wear!

Do you travel for work or fun? Where are your favorite places to shop for your tot?

xx Kristin

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