This kid loves water! From the bathtub, to the splash pad, the pool to the ocean… no fear, just fun. We started B in swim lessons at 6 months and have never looked back. You’ve seen his excitement over the splash pad at the Annenberg, we basically have to drag him out by his swim diaper (or explosive regular diaper lets be honest, those swim diapers fill up with pee by the time you drive to the beach AMIRIGHT??)


When I look at pictures of him in the pool now compared to when he started I can’t believe the changes in my sweet boy. Humpty Dumpty into the pool used to be so much more literal. Now he is reaching for us and jumping in full of screeches and laughter. We felt it was important for B to feel comfortable in water at an early age and gain the confidence and basic swim skills to get him going.



Our lessons are through KidSwim, which hosts at a private heated salt water pool in different areas of LA. Sessions are 6 weeks starting in May and running as weather permits, last Fall we ended at the beginning of December when it got too cool (sorry to rub it in non-west coasters!)



Class begins and ends like most toddler activities… in song! In between we practice bubbles, kicks, grabbing onto the side of the pool, crawling out, jumping back in, going underwater, diving for rings, reaching for toys, floating… all in 30 minutes! The instructors are great about practicing one on one with you and your tot and letting you move at your own pace.



You can learn more about KidSwim HERE!

What are some water activities you love to do with your kiddos??

xx Kristin

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