B has been under the weather for the last few days so we decided to venture out for some fresh (humid) air today in our favorite SkyFox threads tees!

You can find B’s HERE!


Let’s talk about my favorite topic for a minute… teething. From very early on I realized that parents blame everything on teething. The first stomach bug we had our pediatrician initially blamed on teething. Wrong! B’s first sleep regression we blamed on teething. Mostly wrong! The runny nose that kicked off this cold I called teething. Ummm WRONG! Why can’t all of his baby pearly whites come in in one shot so one thing about this parenting gig could be simple?


Here is what I’ve learned in B’s case.. he chews on his fingers, loses some sleep, drools like a fountain for weeks and then nothing. Soon after he will get a small (most of the time) cold and EUREKA! A TOOTH!


So tonight ladies and gents I am proud to announce that after many months of waiting, tooth number 7 has officially made its appearance!


13 more to go😬

xx Kristin


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