Ahhhhh Sundays… the day of lounging, day drinking and sunshine.


While other DTLA goers were enjoying avocado fest, I was told we couldn’t come in because our son wasn’t over 21, duh! So we spent our afternoon doing what any blogger duo would do… look for cool wall murals and attempt to keep B standing next to me for longer than 2.5 seconds so my husband could get a shot. It was mostly a fail but I did successfully drink a beer and a coffee and stop for donuts on the way home because, well, Sunday! (and probably the cause of my disjointed post tonight!)


I sometimes forget that a toddler is an actual person. Anyone else get frustrated when their tot doesn’t want to cooperate or is fussy for a reason that we just can’t put our finger on? I have days where I feel super unmotivated, want to stay in bed and just can’t deal with adulting. Why should toddlers not be allowed the same feelings? Unfortunately as adults we can’t throw wild tantrums and scream MORE, CRACKER or whatever else we are feeling. Shame.


Now onto the real winner… any other mamas feeling challenged with what to wear while chasing their tot around? My pre-mama self was usually in dresses. In an attempt to not re-enact Lindsay Lohan circa 2006’s vag flashing circus I have defaulted to shorts. I struggled finding the right pair… I feel too old for the cut offs that barely cover cheeks and prefer not to have them so low that I’m exposed when I bend down to pick up B. SO! I landed on these amazing gems from Frame, they’re soft denim and have just enough coverage.


You can find them HERE!

And as an added bonus, my topper is only $10 and can be found HERE!

Happy Sunday!

xx Kristin

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