We all screamed at the Museum of Ice Cream!


While this place may not rank high on my list as a museum, it was the most fun I’ve had in awhile!

Here’s the scoop (see what I did there🤣)… you check in at your confirmed time and walk from room to room taking photos/i.e. viewing art? and sampling sweet treats. Tickets are required in advance and the bad news for my LA friends is that it’s sold out. It’s coming to San Francisco in September and they are promising more locations soon so keep an eye out HERE!


My favorite room naturally, as a self diagnosed sprinkle addict, was the sprinkle pool. B was torn between the banana room and the sprinkle pool. MOIC, if your reading this, I’m sorry my kid touched the bananas 🤷🏼‍♀️ Next time maybe hang them a little higher. I’m also sorry for the screaming that commenced when I forcefully removed him from the banana room and sprinkle pool, I hope you took it as a rave review!


Now for the fun stuff… I watched Chance pull sprinkles out of B’s mini pocket for a solid 3 minutes when we exited the pool. I thought I had made it out scott free until I got home, picked a wedgie (sorry if that’s tmi for any of you) and sprinkles literally went sprinkling onto the hardwood.  Then into the toilet. And don’t even get me started on B’s diaper. I wonder how many sprinkles leave that place a day? Do they have to refill the pool? And the question no one wants to think about… the ones that do survive… are they ever sanitized?


xx Kristin

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