Our sweet B is 18 months old tomorrow and I have so many feelings about it. Mostly I am feeling happy which is a word B learned today from Daniel Tiger and is now on my “favorite” list. He says it with a cheesy grin and it sounds like “HaPeeeee”❤️


Some days I feel like I was just in that hospital bed, agonizing over getting that sweet boy into this world. Other days I can’t remember life before him and it seems as though 18 years has passed.


Today he blew out his 18 month candle (his blow out candle face in the featured image hurts my heart!) and shared the first bite of icing with me (below)💔


As I look back to 18 months ago, I feel nostalgic about my pregnancy and wonder what it would be like to do it all over again. Then I look at B and think “how could I ever share my love for him with someone else?” OR “how would I have time for a baby while chasing this mad man around?”


To my Mamas out there… are you feeling the same? Or am I the only one with so many emotions about my babe getting older and thinking about baby number 2??


xx Kristin

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