Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA since B’s big 18 month birthday but it seems we may have entered terrible two territory and I’m not sure I’m prepared for my sweet boy’s determined feelings about EVERYTHING.


I try to identify his feelings, he’s obviously frustrated when he balls his adorable chubby fingers into tight fists and screams at the top of his lungs doing his best ‘Anger from Inside Out’ impression (if you don’t know what that is, google it).

And don’t even get me started on the “experts” who say not to use the word no. Giving alternatives at this age is just not something B can handle. He points to something and says “this” then 7 seconds later points the other direction and shouts “this!” before I can even look for the first “this”.


And ‘nanas’… is there a limit to how many bananas a toddler should eat in a day? Because he starts shouting NANA before his milk these days and tonight it went right up to the bathtub. Some days its just NANA, others it entails a full back arch scream situation.

What is it they say? Repetition leads to clarity? Or was it insanity? Because I’m not sure B hears anything I’m saying on repeat as he swipes at my face with his claws or tries to run into the street chasing cars. I’m definitely voting insanity!

I’ve decided I need to buy a bus. Because at the end of the day, anything that can elicit the response in the photos below is worth my hard earned money, right??



HEEEEELP! How do you handle your tantrum toddler? What age does it end? I try to remind myself that this too shall pass… right??



xx Kristin

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