We loaded up the gang and headed to Griffith Park yesterday to the Travel Town Museum. If any of you have Thomas the Train lovers this is the place for you! B is glued to the seat between episodes when Mr. Perkins comes on and shouts “Peeekins!!”


First of all, it’s free! Which is hard to find these days in LA. And while it may be a trek from our neighborhood, if he has a meltdown while we are there no money is lost. B spent most of his time running up and down the pathways between the trains screaming “Hi!” to other visitors between “choo chooooos”. He seemed a little young to appreciate anything other than the fact that there were trains around with really big wheels but given the vast amount of birthday parties scattered on the grounds I think it will be a huge hit later.


The real winner was the train ride which goes around the museum. For $2.75 (under 18 months is free) you get two loops around. Aside from squeezing your adult ass onto the train, the hardest part is  dragging your toddler off while they scream “moooooore choo choooooooo”!

Learn more about the Travel Town Museum HERE!


And since my parents are here (and are my blog’s biggest fans) I’ve included a photo of us from Travel Town as their introduction to the blog world. We’re headed to San Francisco tomorrow (sans B) so stay tuned! Happy Sunday!


xx Kristin

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