Ok so here’s the breakdown of Mr. Bones this year. There are two locations:

10100 Jefferson Blvd Culver City

Link HERE!

Admission $15/adult

Hours 9a-8/9p depending on the day

*check in advance because of the heat!

There is a new location at The Platform in Culver City, the Boo-tique

Link HERE!

Admission $10/adult

Hours 1-6p during the week, 10-6 weekends

We visited the Platform on Sunday and loved it! It’s smaller than the other location BUT there is more shade, a parking structure AND they serve alcohol!


B found tons of fun things to get into.. there was a petting zoo ($5 extra but so worth it) with a pig, sheep, goat, alpaca, pony, ducks and bunnies. Bring your sanitizer, you’re going to need it😝


If you can’t tell yet by my instagram, we love a good pumpkin house and this patch had it! There was also a huge teepee and a spider bounce house (which required a $10 wristband, don’t you love how this turns into a $50 morning!)


Ok.. now to the hay maze.. if you saw my instastories this thing was part horror part cool. C and I were terrified when B ran in and we immediately realized we had no idea who or what was inside and that we couldn’t see a goddamn thing. 10 minutes later B’s head popped out of the other end huge grinned before quickly disappearing again. Beware: you will be digging hay out of places for hours and the dust boogers the next day are insane. You’re welcome!


All in all I am a sucker for a pumpkin patch and Mr. Bones never disappoints. I’m already looking forward to next year!


xx Kristin


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