After seeing B’s Thomas tee last week, my friend told me about “Day Out with Thomas!” and we were able to get in on the last day of the year! Now before you stop reading thinking “why am I going to get excited about Thomas if I’m never going to be able to go”… Thomas and Percy are a traveling show and will be back next year! And if you’re not in LA, check it out at other locations in the US! Read on!!CE825990-2F9B-4EE7-A382-7BEC2DA4F53A

Let’s start with the basics- we caught T&P at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, California (it’s south for those of you who, like me, had zero idea this place existed). I linked their site HERE! so you can keep up with what’s new and when T&P will make their comeback!


Admission was $31/adult, kids 2 and under are free. We purchased the combo ticket which got you a ride on both Thomas and Percy. Obvi you can’t ride one without the other! Tickets are timed.


WGW tip: book the earliest time slot (especially for Thomas) so you can beat the crowds and the lines to take a family photo in front of the engines. The staff will take a photo for you (prints way overpriced) but you can also take your own photos so don’t be shy!


Unlike most places in LA, once you have paid admission to get in, most activities are included. They have a petting zoo (extra $2 if you want to buy food for the animals), Thomas tattoos, bounce houses and a miniature train exhibit. There are food carts on site and plenty of picnic seating available for lunch. Some are cash only!


If you have a Thomas enthusiast, this is a must see! On Sunday it took us 1.5 hours each way and was worth every minute. If Thomas is not your thing but your tot loves trains, in December there is a Train to Santa’s Workshop!


xx Kristin



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