Tooth Tooth Hooray!

B has been under the weather for the last few days so we decided to venture out for some fresh (humid) air today in our favorite SkyFox threads tees!

You can find B’s HERE!


Let’s talk about my favorite topic for a minute… teething. From very early on I realized that parents blame everything on teething. The first stomach bug we had our pediatrician initially blamed on teething. Wrong! B’s first sleep regression we blamed on teething. Mostly wrong! The runny nose that kicked off this cold I called teething. Ummm WRONG! Why can’t all of his baby pearly whites come in in one shot so one thing about this parenting gig could be simple?


Here is what I’ve learned in B’s case.. he chews on his fingers, loses some sleep, drools like a fountain for weeks and then nothing. Soon after he will get a small (most of the time) cold and EUREKA! A TOOTH!


So tonight ladies and gents I am proud to announce that after many months of waiting, tooth number 7 has officially made its appearance!


13 more to go😬

xx Kristin


Skin Saga

For as long as I can remember I’ve been battling with my skin. Is it oily? Is it dry? It sometimes depends on the hour or the day for me. Does anyone even know what combination skin means?

When I got pregnant I toned down my beauty routine in a BIG way, my skin was looking great and I didn’t want to use the same chemical saturated products from before. Someone suggested CeraVe, Cetaphil and Clinique at the time and I haven’t steered away (however I have added in a few new products!)

Here a few of my MUST HAVES for my skincare regime:

Wash- CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser– this cleanser takes away my makeup without leaving my skin feeling high and dry, its gentle and non-comedogenic

Buy the CeraVe cleanser HERE!

Daily Moisturizer- Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion– gives just enough hydration and can also be used as a body moisturizer, fragrance free

Buy the Cetaphil lotion HERE!

Serum- CHANEL Blue Serum– guys I swear I was a hop skip and a jump away from botox and this serum has made my forehead lines almost unnoticeable. It was created from ingredients taken from blue zones around the globe where people historically live longer (read age more slowly!)

Buy the CHANEL serum HERE!

Nighttime- Clinique Moisture Surge overnight mask– this is another gentle warrior from Clinique, you wake up with smooth restored skin

Buy the Clinique mask HERE!

Anytime- CHANEL Hydra Beauty Micro Cream– this amazing facial cream has mirco beads of magic inside. When I’m feeling especially horrific I lather this on at night and wakeup looking like Super Mom! You can also use this as a day moisturizer but I tend to get oily as the day progresses so I let it do it’s magic while I sleep

Buy the CHANEL cream HERE!


Did your skin change from pregnancy to motherhood? What are some of your miracle products??

xx Kristin



Just Keep Swimming

This kid loves water! From the bathtub, to the splash pad, the pool to the ocean… no fear, just fun. We started B in swim lessons at 6 months and have never looked back. You’ve seen his excitement over the splash pad at the Annenberg, we basically have to drag him out by his swim diaper (or explosive regular diaper lets be honest, those swim diapers fill up with pee by the time you drive to the beach AMIRIGHT??)


When I look at pictures of him in the pool now compared to when he started I can’t believe the changes in my sweet boy. Humpty Dumpty into the pool used to be so much more literal. Now he is reaching for us and jumping in full of screeches and laughter. We felt it was important for B to feel comfortable in water at an early age and gain the confidence and basic swim skills to get him going.



Our lessons are through KidSwim, which hosts at a private heated salt water pool in different areas of LA. Sessions are 6 weeks starting in May and running as weather permits, last Fall we ended at the beginning of December when it got too cool (sorry to rub it in non-west coasters!)



Class begins and ends like most toddler activities… in song! In between we practice bubbles, kicks, grabbing onto the side of the pool, crawling out, jumping back in, going underwater, diving for rings, reaching for toys, floating… all in 30 minutes! The instructors are great about practicing one on one with you and your tot and letting you move at your own pace.



You can learn more about KidSwim HERE!

What are some water activities you love to do with your kiddos??

xx Kristin

The City of Love!❤️

As some of you know, I travel to Paris several times a year for work. This trip is one of my shortest ever, I arrived today and fly back on Wednesday, but I couldn’t resist visiting a few of many favorite places to shop for B while sales are in full swing! If you’re in Paris in July or December you will have died and gone to baby steal heaven (or cringe when you see things on sale that you paid full price for in May🤷🏼‍♀️)! Here a few of my musts:

Monoprix- this is basically what I’ve come to call the Target of Paris. I visit for Parisian beauty products, Haribo (it’s better in France!) and of course their kids line bout’chou which I’ve been told is created by the same people behind Bonpoint. What I love best is that the tees and hats often have a “B” on them which works perfectly for my little B man! The best location I’ve found is near the Opera House, 21 Avenue de L’Opera!


Galleries Lafayette- ok their kids department is INSANE! Because of how crazy it looked in sale mode I didn’t want to scare you with photos today so you’ll just have to trust me. One of my favorite brands for B is Cadet Rousselle for tees. I scored several today for under $5! They also have a toy department which is great for French toys or versions of the toy you have at home that speak French instead of English if you’re looking for something new to listen to🤣


Brentano’s- this little gem is my favorite book store tucked in near the Opera. They have loads of children’s books, some in French and several in English and French that I hope one day will teach B the basics of the language! It’s also great for gift giving ideas for the grown ups in your life. 37 Avenue de L’Opera.


Pierre Herme- ok, this one is entirely not kid related but I have to talk about it because everyone comes to France for macaroons and immediately rushes to Laduree. First of all, Laduree is now popping up in the US in New York and LA, I am a huge fan of only buying things you can’t get in the states while traveling internationally. Secondly, their macaroons are so so much better! Plus, Chance claims that their chocolate is the BEST chocolate he has ever had (and he’s done the research!) and there is one directly next door to Brentano’s!



Find more product details on insta @we_go_wear!

Do you travel for work or fun? Where are your favorite places to shop for your tot?

xx Kristin

This Colorful Life!

I’m taking it back a bit BUT this was honestly one of my favorite trips with B to date. The Zimmer Museum offers Art Crawls to the public twice each month, click HERE! to find this months schedule and reserve your spot.


We chose to organize our own private Art Crawl with a group of babes from our Mommy and Me class (we started at the Pump Station if anyone is looking into Mommy and Me classes). Contact to schedule your Private Art Crawl, depending on how many baby friends you have it can actually be less expensive and who doesn’t want to spend time with your buds?


B skipped his morning nap that day so I was a bit concerned about how he would react being locked in a room in a diaper with paint but he LOVED it. He was one of the first ones in and the last one out, although he did lay down in the middle of the room for about 30 seconds for a power nap!


Before you freak out, paint is non toxic and the museum offers tubs and wipes to rinse off your babe before you put them back in the car!

Tip for you: Wear something that you don’t mind getting messy, there is NO way to avoid the paint once your babe gets going!


The Zimmer Museum also offers a ball pit, water table and so much more for your toddler. On days when it’s too hot or rainy (I know I know, we live in LA but you’ll thank me in February) this is a great place to spend your day!

You can find full Zimmer calendar and admission info HERE!

What is your favorite thing to do with you tot when the temps go up??

xx Kristin

Mama Essentials- 16 months!

At this point I’ve learned what I can and cannot live without. Long gone are the days of the oversized diaper bag and useless wish lists of my baby registry (pee pee tee pee I’m looking at you!). In my pre-mama days this game would be called “what would you need on a desert island?”, today it’s called “what would I need to survive a day with B?”


Here goes (Amazon links below because what Mama shops anywhere else):

6. Boogie Wipes- I know they say it’s saline but I swear it’s something much more magical. It wipes away all the snot or crustys without the Rudolph red nose!

Buy Boogie Wipes HERE!

5. Night Time Diapers- we love Huggies Overnights, something about them just work best for boys. If you’re still using pampers swaddlers at night this will be a game changer!

Get your Huggies HERE!

4. Sudocrem- this was recommended to me by one of my Aussie Mum friends and it is seriously the best!

Find it HERE! – FYI currently sold out on Amazon

3. Happy Baby Puffs- B calls them “cackers” and can sniff them out from a mile away. I’ve been known to pick up (and open) them on Target runs to keep him occupied. So many times these have saved me.. tantrum? Cacker!

Variety Pack HERE!

2. The Lovey- ours is by Moulin Roty, I picked him up in Paris on a work trip and I’m pretty sure B loves him more than me.

Similar Moulin Roty Lovey HERE!

1. Corn Starch- yup, The kind you get at the supermarket! My Mom recommended it for diaper rash very early on when I swear I thought B’s tush would never recover. Sprinkle this into your babe’s diaper before bed or if he/she is rashy and it will clear up in no time!


xx Kristin


Happy 4th of July!🇺🇸

Today was my dream day.. we started off with a morning trip to the Annenberg Beach House! Even though we arrived around 9:30 the lot was already full. Back up plan for those perpetually late friends is to park in lot 8 or 9 south of the Annenberg ($8 all day! and it is a quick walk along the bike path.


B got in a solid play at the splash pad before heading into the ocean. While some kids may not like being pelted by streams of water, my monster could not have been more excited!


After a 2.5 nap (still in our sandals, thank you Dada), we headed to Baby Blues BBQ in West Hollywood for some pulled pork, sweet potato mash and mac n cheese! Baby Blues is our favorite BBQ place in town. Nicest owner, great beer selection and the banana pudding rocks my world!

Take a look at the menu HERE!


We ended our day with a stroll through The Grove. Full transparency, before I had a child The Grove was my nemesis. I avoided it like the plague. But since B arrived I can’t seem to stay away. Maybe it started with the changing and nursing areas below the parking structure? That’s right new Mamas.. if you didn’t know it was there, you can thank me later! My love affair continues to grow with the outdoor concerts on the grassy pad and my addiction to Fancy Nancy milkshakes (McConnell’s Ice Cream at the Farmers Market, again you’re welcome).

For a list of everything happening at the Grove, click here!


Happy 4th!

xx Kristin

Aquarium of the Pacific

Today we ventured south to Long Beach to the Aquarium of the Pacific. We became members last August and just finally made it back! What a difference almost a year has made, B was so excited to see the fish (blub blub blub was on repeat thank you Pout Pout Fish).

You can get a Dual Membership HERE! if you have a child under 3 they get in free!


Both times we have been we have stayed roughly 3 hours with a trip to Cafe Scuba for a beer break! I am a huge fan of any child centric place with alcohol (no judgement!). Helpful hint: the restrooms outside of Cafe Scuba are a zoo house, take your tot to the first level where there are no lines and changing tables galore.


Don’t miss the Southern California Baja Gallery, its the largest tank at the end of the hall when you arrive, the Sea Bass is intense! The Sea Lions were another favorite of B, the tunnel gets crowded so be patient until you can get your cub up to the glass. Once you’re outside the petting pools with Rays and Sharks is the best! Fair warning, depending on the age of your babe this can be a challenge. B tried to hop in feet first eek!


Take the stroller, there are several places for stroller parking inside and out!


Here is where I will fail you, PARKING! We have yet to nail this… the first time we parked in the structure next to the aquarium which was great because we got there early but the elevators took forever both trips. Today, because of toddler nap schedules, we arrived around 2pm and the parking structures were bumper to bumper upon entry. We ended up several blocks away which was more easily accessible but still not perfect. Third times the charm?!

xx Kristin



My Grumpy Bear

Growing up in the 80’s there is little I love more than a Care Bear. Care Bear Staaaaare…. no? Obviously I am not alone as the entire collection sold out within 5 minutes. I was driving to work telling my Mom, “I hope not all 80’s stay at home Moms are sitting at their computer waiting to order these or I am screwed!” Luckily I parked at 8:59 and jumped online (after hanging up on my Mom, sorry!) and was the recipient of these gems a few days later.

Freshly Picked has been a favorite since B’s baby days, you can order up a size with growing room and they stay on because of the elastic around the ankle. He wore a grey leather version to Noah’s Ark posted below!


Freshly Picked is still taking pre-orders HERE!



xx Kristin

Noah’s Ark at Skirball

B and I ventured out to board Noah’s Ark at the Skirball Center this week and if you haven’t been you need to check it out! Admission is $12 per adult, toddlers under 2 are free and you can reserve tickets online HERE!


In true B “explorer” fashion we used the 90 minute time slot to run from room to room with wild abandon shrieking at the top of our lungs. For older tots, or those with longer attention spans, you can control the rain, thunder, lighting and animals boarding the ark. There are puppets and animals galore for the kids to play with, they can even use scoops to pick up the animal poo. They literally thought of everything Noah would have needed!


There is a top deck on the Ark which needs parental supervision for tots under 4. You heard it here first… beware! My knees are still recovering! You will be forced to crawl chase your toddler through tight corridors with lots of little spaces for their baby feet to fall through. Not to mention getting stuck when a child is too scared to climb back down. We will be planted firmly on the first floor deck for the next 2.5 years!


Last but certainly not least, if you want to enjoy lunch at Zeidler’s Cafe make a reservation! We planned on having lunch only to arrive to a full cafe left to punt with the snack cart outside which was lackluster at best and not very kid friendly. The PB&J I bought B ended up untouched on the table and he survived on string cheese and snacks from his backpack.


xx Kristin